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When you and your spouse divorce, there are a number of decisions you need to make that will have a long-term impact on your quality of life.  One decision is whether you wish to seek any amount of spousal support from your ex-spouse.  Spousal support consists of post-separation support and alimony.  Post-separation support is temporary financial support until an award or denial of alimony.  Alimony is an order for payment for the support and maintenance of a dependent spouse or ex-spouse and often extends beyond the parties’ divorce.  The amount and duration of spousal support is not easily calculated or predictable.  Our Board Certified Specialists in Family Law will advance your case in a meticulous manner in order to obtain the most favorable outcome to you, whether you are a dependent spouse seeking an award of post-separation support or alimony in order to be financially secure, or defend you against such claims in order to protect your hard-earned income.


Resolving alimony disputes

When determining whether or not alimony should be granted, how much should be awarded and for how long it should continue, North Carolina among other considerations by the Judge, judges carefully appraise a couple’s length of marriage, their standard of living during the marriage, the relative income of each individual, and the needs of each spouse. Retaining an alimony attorney can help you convince the court that you need support, and thus increase the chance that alimony will be awarded. Alternatively, we can also work to convince the judge that your ex-spouse does not need spousal support, or needs less than he or she asked for.

Post-separation support and alimony, like all other family law matters, may be negotiated by the parties without the need to institute a civil action, and the parties can enter into a Separation Agreement in which spousal support is either set forth in detail or is waived altogether.  Alternatively, if the parties are unable to come to an agreement with regard to spousal support, the dependent spouse may assert claims for post-separation support and/or alimony by filing a Complaint.  If litigation is necessary, our Board Certified Specialists in Family Law are committed to advocating for you through the court process.

Our attorneys work with you to determine what kind of alimony is the best for your situation.

Working for your peace of mind

At Montford Family Law, our attorneys represent clients who are seeking alimony as well as those who would be required to pay it. Our clients are often concerned about whether they are required to pay alimony if their circumstances change. Others come to us if they are not receiving the alimony payments specified by the agreement or order. We can help you present evidence to the court as to why the amount you pay should be decreased or request that the court properly enforce the alimony agreement or order.  Alternatively, we can help you with representation to increase the amount of alimony you are receiving.

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